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What a scream in the beginning of the year 2000 in Europe then it became known that Japanese school girls ‘Hey, let’s sell used panties to business men and normal employees in order to buy Nintendo games and tamagotchis”. It was even said that on every corner there were machines that sell used knickers on the street. Travelers who went to Japan told that this was not right. There is only one or two districts in Tokyo where there were machines in order to sell worn panties in the street. And even Japanese did not know that such things existed in the past. But did you know that the famous German writer and scientist Goethe had stolen worn panties and bodice of Charlotte von Stein over a hundred years ago? Maybe he was one of the first fetishists in the history who loved used linen. Europe became modern and now follows the trend.
Odor fetish is a widespread phenomenon but mostly harmless.

Today there is a huge legal market for underwear in communities and on platforms in the internet. Nowadays lucrative side job for women are much more popular than ever. It is a good opportunity for woman and girls to get a second income to buy luxury things like expensive bags and fashionable clothing by famous designers. And of course this woman sell used knickers to customers in the internet in special portals.
Sex shops and specialized online portals offer and sell panties or some other fetish items mostly for the male customers. Around 2005 this trend became known in the United States of America. To start the business and to offer used panties for sale, you should mind the following hints.
The seller has to respond professionally and open to the wishes of the customer in order to earn good money in this business. Otherwise, the man will find a new provider selling used panties.
Did you know that many customers also pay for images and videos? A special offer is also an individual chat or phone call between seller and customer.
There are some portals on the Internet, which guarantee 100% anonymity to the woman or girls who want to offer used panties for sale. If you want to make money with used linen another need is to be represented in many portals. But not only worn panties are required. Sell worn panties` customers also pay high prices for bras, pantyhose, sneakers and high heels.
As before the classic is the used pantie for the lover of the intimate smell of the woman. A distinction is made between the used pantie and the inside worn pantie. If you sell used knickers sell it always together with worn bras.
Used shoes like boots, want to be bought very often by customers because of their special foot odour. Basically, girls and women sell almost every piece of used clothing on the internet market. Nowadays selling used panties became a business for every woman.